Wet Nurse


Speaking for the Ancestors: Black AF. A digital art was manifested by an old photo found in my great great-grandmother's photo album (late 1800s to early 1900s). I decided to share two photos in which echoes in today's social tune. I transcended the picture into a dry motion where everything is a haze. This also honors the faces of my ancestors in order to protect our identities, a visage becomes a faded memory but the robbery of our majesties bleeds through the veins. Wet nurse, in the original image, there was a black women with a white infant and I realized my Great Great-Grandmother was wiser beyond her years..., I wondered why she saved this picture and what was so particular about it. After working on this picture, Wet Nurse, I came to learn that there is a heavy price to pay for nursing outsiders. See, our breast milk is golden, infused with high dose of melanin and is a work of Transference (transferring energies). The message behind Wet Nurse are encrypting with our original faults for nurturing leeches because eventually there will be a time where they fully consume our existence. Oppression knows no satisfaction.


Nu Khaa Ri Kai Chi Neteru


Wet Nurse




Photography and Digital Art


A silhouette of a Black woman sitting on a black chair and nursing a white baby. Both are very distorted in geometric angles. In the the background are panels in shades of gray.


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