Sick Of Criticism


I am not talking about something as feedback or positive language. However, people who keep criticizing everything have a low self-esteem and are mostly insecure. No one can accept difference. For an example, make mocked on the wrong grammars, the harry styles vogue for a manly man in the feminine clothes or some women never asked to get rape for getting faults in the inappropriately clothings, but they just dress for themselves. We all should of have said nothing, have helped, minded our businesses, have let anyone else be happy in choices and only got asked for anything they say or do. We will be ok in our boundaries


Malika Freeman


Sick Of Criticism




Digital art


The poster consists of the words in the top of an orange rectangle, the sloppy flowers inside of the negative, colored shapes such as circle and squares with some words in the white and black background with a word in between the round bracket.


Malika Freeman, “Sick Of Criticism,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed February 29, 2024,