Lift Every Voice and Sign


We have heard " Lift Every Voice and Sing" in every corner of our country. It is the National Anthem of Black People who has gone thru their struggle in the past and moving forward with hope. Black Community and its allies have marched on to fight for their civil right. This time, we BlackDeaf Community are coming to the light with the signs that is well known in Deaf Community. Black ASL are here to stay on the canvas with hood on!


Fred Michael Beam


Lift Every Voice and Sign




Acrylic Painting


All four canvas has a male figure with hood. The canvas on the left has the male figure has their head down with the hood covering their eyes. He signs with hands opened above his head. The second canvas on the left has the male figure with his eyes closed and head up. In that canvas, he signs with his hands closed on the chest. The third canvas shows the male figure with his head a little higher (with release) and eyes still closed. His hands are starting to open up outward, as if he is expressing himself. The fourth canvas has the male figure with his head up into the sky and his hands opening up when moving to the sky and closing when it is coming down . Its color is bronze, gold, black and white. Abstract Artwork.


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