In The Mind of Black Consciousness


It is about Black Men who were victimized by our society especially by oppressor and police. Even though Black Men have their hands up but there is always someone trying to hold them as if they are trying to do something to a person who is not a threat. The white light shaped image on the right reflects the light on the person... who is visibly using excessive force. The gun (ASL sign ) shows on the head ...It shows that someone trying to use the weapon to harm others but that abstract person connected to the gun is hiding behind the shadow (on left part of the image). It shows that in life Black person got killed and the person who did it was never caught or ignored. In my mind of Black person, there is an abstract sign..."Black"...with the thought of being victimized just because of their skin color. The head of black man in the picture shows that he was watching the person who brutalized him.


Fred Michael Beam


In The Mind of Black Consciousness




Acrylic on canvas


A man image from shoulder and up with his hands in the air. Two outsiders' hands grabbed that black man's hands. One has the sign " gun " near the head of the man. The picture has different abstract patterns around them. It has colors gold and dark brown that contrast the lightning on the picture.


Fred Michael Beam, “In The Mind of Black Consciousness,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed May 18, 2024,