A Page from Trans Childhood Story 1


This is from my story arc titled Trans Childhood in which I show what my life is like as a trans deaf person, how I navigated (and am still navigating) the meaning of gender identities and sexualities. This specific page shows a moment that has changed my life so much. Just being able to attend a presentation by a Deaf Trans man has completely opened my eyes to the possibilities, and the existence of a loving Deaf Trans community.




A Page from Trans Childhood Story 1




Digital art


Image description: 4 panels. Still in grey colours. Panel 1: A bearded masculine Chicano person, Drago, with glasses and a hat was standing on stage next to a feminine person with glasses, Jennifer. Next to both was their amazing small white curly dog with a tongue sticking out. Words next to the dog read, "Their dog also helped." Behind them was a projector screen. Drago said, "Hi I am Drago Renteria, and this is my longtime partner Jennifer Mantle." Jennifer said, "Hello!" Drago continued, "Welcome to our presentation, "The T in LGBT: Journey from Female to Male!." Panel 2: Narrating words: "Drago was the first out deaf person I've ever met. Also it was the first time I get to have information about trans, gender identity, sexuality, etc., in my language, ASL." Drawing: Drago was pointing to testosterone medicine bottle, saying "I felt like I was a teen again! Oh what joy it was to go through a SECOND puberty!" The audience laughed. Panel 3: Words: "The presentation was amazing. Honest and eye opening." Drawing: I was sitting in the audience next to my friend who has a shoulder length hair. Words next to her read, "Jessica, the friend who invited me." Panel 4: Words: "I felt like something in me has ignited." Drawing: A zoom out of me shaking hands with Drago after the presentation. Next to us were Jennifer, Jessica, and the doggy. There is a golden orb igniting on my chest.


The RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center retained rights from artists or next of kin on April 8, 2020


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