Testing the Boundary: High School


Whenever I took an art class, I would test people’s reactions to my artwork focused on female images. I produced my first piece of art when I was a senior in high school in Madison, Wisconsin, in the mid-nineties.I took a metal art class. This was my first and last metal art class. Once I was way behind with my artwork so I brought home the copper metal of woman to saw at home. My mom saw the copper part of the woman, and she got so furious and forbade me to bring home anything like that. That was one more thing on my list of identities that I could not discuss with my mom. So I had to stay in the art room during lunchtime to finish up with my project. Lucky that I still have those pieces.




Testing the Boundary: High School




Metal sculpture


There are three different kind of metals. One copper metal is big size of woman kneel alone on left side of the wood base. The second metal is sliver, a big size woman kneel alone on right side. The four small size women hugging each other, on front side of two women are copper metal and back side of two women are brass.


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