Culture Shock


For the Dyer Arts Center’s files, Marjorie Stout explained, “Growing up, I was raised by a hearing mother and deaf father. Yet, we did not really know other Deaf or have influences that affected me. In college, however, I met other Deaf and started watching TV for the first time in many years (because of closed captioning). I was completely overwhelmed in the discovery of not only Hearing culture that I had missed for years, but Deaf culture, too. This reflects in the painting Culture Shock. I was touched by the extreme differences of both cultures.” To suggest the magnitude of this revelation, the artist placed a small photograph of a young girl between the two large abstract expanses of color.


Marjie Stout


Culture Shock




Acrylic Painting


The artwork has two different squares. One big square on the left side is full of light blue with some black smears on the top. You can see fading words in the middle of blue square and it says, "Culture Shock." Another small plain yellow square with black frame is on the right side. There is a photo is on the between squares.


Marjie Stout and She/Her/Hers, “Culture Shock,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed May 28, 2023,