RedHead Facts

RedHead Facts

Motion graphics, 2018

Amelia Hamilton

Amelia Hamilton is a visual storyteller and designer who received her degree from the School of Photographic Arts and Science in Visual Media at Rochester Institute of Technology in May 2020. Her deaf identity is a vital part of why she is passionate about building relationships and educating others through multimedia, photography, and design. Her authentic work expresses sparks of joy, growth, color, and human connections. She is known for her timeliness and willingness to go above and beyond. She has a natural ease with people and a talent to connect and bring subjects out of their shells. She is an adventurous idea-chaser which has led her to work on projects in Panama, India, Guatemala, and South Korea. She explores and thrives creatively by sharing stories through design, photo and video, and travel.

I grew up in the artistic city of Austin, Texas which has shaped who I am as a deaf visual storyteller and designer. It is my passion to educate the world about how any disability can be a gift, to share people’s stories, and build connections. It is important to me that I capture a strong essence of the ‘in the moment’ within the frame. I strive to influence and encourage dialogues and emotions from my work. I enjoy pushing myself and trying new things. I absolutely love observing, chasing, and challenging light. I am an authentic and determined individual who wants to continue traveling and creating short documentaries and photo stories to share and provide a different perspective in life. My ideas and projects are always evolving, and I am always embracing my journey.

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