The Deaf Rochester Film Festival (DRFF) is thrilled to host the first media art exhibition, Motion: Art, with the Dyer Arts Center, featuring short experimental films, motion graphics, animations, GIF, and different types of moving images! Prior to COVID-19 cancellation, the original exhibition at the Dyer Arts Center gallery showcased media art in monitors.

DRFF has a proud history of hosting film festivals since 2005. Most films featured in the festival have been written, produced, created, and performed by Deaf and hard of hearing individuals and film production companies around the world. 

DRFF’s mission is to promote and showcase films by deaf and hard of hearing filmmakers; screen films about the Deaf experience; encourage analysis and interpretations of Deaf Cinema and Deaf visual aesthetics; develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Deaf gaze in light of the diversity of genres, cultures, and styles of filmmaking; foster film as a medium for historical preservation of Deaf Culture; provide networking opportunities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing filmmakers and others involved in the field; and inspire future generations of Deaf and Hard of Hearing filmmakers.