Story Behind the Logo

La Descolonización Del Arte Logo

[Image Description (from left to right): Logo for La Descolonización del Arte: A Celebration of Our Raíces. The logo consists of a golden sun with beaming sun rays with orange at the tip behind an artwork of four black/dark brown, outstretched cupped hands that represent trees; the fingers and palms have light brown and peach undertones. Slightly scattered above the palms are rhombuses that represent leaves in various mixtures of colors of green, aquamarine, teal, yellow, and red. Below the symbolic trees are light brown roots and a light brown hand holding hands with a black/dark brown hand as to represent a connection. Next to the logo at the right is "La Descolonización del Arte" in capitalized and aquamarine font and below this is "A Celebration of Our Raíces" in capitalized and warm, gold font.]

The logo demonstrates an artistic decolonization while celebrating our raíces (roots) as we do not come from a single story. Our community roots flow from all over Latin America and the Caribbean and thrive in bond then burst into diamonds high over the warm golden sun and its rays. The golden sun celebrates our culture while its rays represent life, light, and love. The multicolored diamonds radiate the warm colors of red (blood through our veins), yellow (the sun), and teal (water, Earth, sky, and stone) which reflect our multiple identities, heritages, lived experiences, and cultural practices. The hands are rooted in a collaborative and collective stand against colonialism and imperialism. The hands are also holding fast to uplift all members of this community.  

Curators - La DesColonización Del Arte

[ID: A smiling, brown-skinned Asian-Latino, wearing a pair of black-framed glasses and a maroon polo shirt. He is pictured against a white background]

Name: Fabian Luna
Role: Logo Designer
Nationality/Ethnicity: Mexipino (Mexican and Filipino)
Residence: Holtville, California
Pronouns: He/Him/His

Fabian Luna identifies as Deaf Mexipino (Mexican and Filipino). He was born and raised in Holtville, California. As a freelance artist, Fabian possesses a broad range of skills in traditional and digital arts such as graphic design, visual effects, and 3D modeling; his specialty is Animation. He graduated from the California State University of Northridge with a Bachelor of Art in Animation.