The Temptation of St. Jim


Living in fear and desolation. Glinda the Good is waiting to save or help me, I am ambivalent or afraid. Bird, also representing myself, is blocking me. Some see hand gesture representing deafness, trying to hear. Male figure center right represents hypocrisy. The bird is also rationalization, denying subconscious of help available.


James Canning


The Temptation of St. Jim




Oil on canvas


This painting of the artist, "Saint Jim", shown as a number of different figures. He is sitting on a transparent park bench, facing the you. Two animals combining features of dog plus skunk plus rat are sitting at the artist's feet. One has its tail wrapped protectively around the artist's leg. A similar animal, all white, bursts out from my abdomen, it represents fear. Behind the bench stands Glinda the Good from The Wizard Of Oz, she holds a long wand and is smiling approvingly. An owl shaped bird with the artist's profile is batting his own head with its wings, trying to block his view of Glinda. The artist is brushing at it with a gesture that some people think refers to his deafness. A small monk-like figure center right in the distance shows self worship.


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