The Artist

A third-generation Deaf man, Guy Wonder attended Washington School for the Deaf. In 1968, he enrolled at RIT/NTID and was the first president of the NTID Drama Club. Wonder was one of the nine founders of Deaf View Image Art (De’VIA) movement; he was also one of the founders of the New York Deaf Theatre.  He has designed sets for the California SignRise Theatre and created commissioned artworks for Deaf Way at Gallaudet University and residential deaf schools.  He was also an artist in residence at many residential deaf schools. He has lectured and led tours at museums in New York and California. While residing in San Francisco, Wonder served as a board member for Deaf Media and DCARA and was the Artistic Director for Visual Arts of "Celebration: Deaf Artist and Performers” in 1994.

Wonder is a sculptor influenced by life, Deafness, and Deaf culture. He is very aware of the shape, form and the color of each day and what it has to offer.  This has ultimately shaped his work.

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Special Thanks to Adrean Clark and John Lee Clark, Producers and Raymond Luczak, Director, The Tactile Mind Press for allowing us to show excerpts of their DVD, Guy Wonder: Stories & Artwork.