Rising Above: Growth and Transformation

Each generation transforms with its times, and growth requires us to confront the shadows of a complex past that may contain little light or beauty. Our ancient struggles with language deprivation, abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia and elitism continue to this day.  Facing these issues directly, holding honest – sometimes painful – conversations, and learning the truth about ourselves, empowers us to transcend these issues. We can transform our lives, turning obstacles into stepping stones. Of Bridget Klein’s photograph, Still I Rise, inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem of the same title, the artist says “I learned that whenever I was hurt, physically, mentally or spiritually, it’s okay to fall down and get back up.” In Pamela Witcher’s piece To Reveal or Not to Reveal, we see a dark scene of a glowing orange nude woman caught in storm clouds, showing “the struggle between obedience and freedom” involved in escaping indoctrination.