Communicating Freely

Communication in all its forms is at the heart of our identity, and the artists in this category showcase these forms in a wide array of images.  In depictions ranging from the struggle to freely express oneself, to the joy and pride of seeing all aspects of our language displayed, the artists in this group capture and share our stories. In Ivana Hay Tetauerova’s acrylic painting, Mother Father Deaf, she shares her experiences as a Deaf mother of CODA kids who can communicate in British and Czech Sign Languages. This painting expresses  parental bonding and shared experiences through a knot incorporating the signs for mother and father in British Sign Language. Paul Johnston explores the anatomy of the signing hand with a collage of delicate paper shapes in his work Arm. Susan Dupor’s Question Five Catapla, captures innocence and playfulness in expressing the essential questions in ASL that appear when we teach aspects of ASL grammar to beginning students.